Carlos A. González Guzmán is a consultant and researcher in Mobility and Urbanism with international work experience. As a consultant he has a broad work experience in the European context, and as a researcher he has a great interest in contributing to find solutions for several urban issues for Latin American cities.

In Colombia, he is a referent in the promotion of a culture of consultancy based on Research, Development and Innovation (R+D+I), and Social and Environmental Responsibility (SER). He is also an active columnist on urban issues for Semana Magazine and other prestigious written media in Colombia.

Currently, he is part of The Martin Centre for Architectural and Urban Studies at the University of Cambridge (United Kingdom) as a  Doctoral Researcher (+ Read)



Since 2004, Carlos A. González Guzmán has been a consultant in the European context, mainly for clients from both the public and private sector in Spain. Until 2010 he worked as senior consultant for INTRA SL the leading firm in sustainable mobility in Spain. Currently he is working as an independent consultant at international level in both, the European and the Latin American context. His consultancy expertise covers several aspects of transport planning and infrastructure, and also the relationship between this main subject and urban and regional planning.


Currently, he is carrying out research on 'Urban housing redevelopment by using value capture mechanisms on Bus Rapid Transit corridors' in the Martin Centre for  Architectural and Urban Studies (+ Read) at the University of Cambridge, in the context of the set of research lines identified by the EECi Energy Efficient Cities Initiative (+ Read). His research interest are: transport, land use and urban form; urban development oriented towards public transport systems; transport demand management; urban renewal; urban growth management. Since 1999 he has been an associated researcher of the Transportation Research Group GITTV of the University of Valle (Colombia).


He is the man behind the social initiative of the firm M&U Movilidad y Urbanismo', which promotes a social debate on urban issues by means of two programs: 'Talking about mobility and urbanism' (+ Read) which is a series of opinion articles, and 'Rethinking our cities' (+ Read), a series of short videos. He is also co-founder of the Ibero-American Association for Sustainable Urban Mobility ASIMUS (Spain-Colombia), and a commited speaker on contemporary debates about Mobility and Urbanism for several societal agents in the Latin American context: local administrations, non-governmental organizations and citizen groups amongst others.


PhD (c) in Architecture: Urban Studies from the University of Cambridge (United Kingdom). MSc -DEA- in Civil Engineering: Transportation and MSc in Urban Management by the Polytechnic University of Catalonia UPC (Spain). European Urban Planner by the School of Public Administration of Catalonia EAPC (Spain). Bachelor in Architecture by the University of Valle (Colombia, 1999).